Care Instructions


Our durable upholstery fabrics are pre-treated with Vectra Fabric Protectant to help stains from penetrating fabric.

For future care: re-apply fabric protectant, I recommend VECTRA FORMULA 16, available online CLICK HERE. Pretty much any method you would use to protect or treat an upholstered pillow in your house is the way to go. These treatments will help ward off liquids, and reduce general signs of aging and broad staining. For spot treatment, We highly recommend a Tide-to-Go pen, as they really do work wonders. *****WARNING: BE SURE TO READ THE DIRECTIONS OF YOUR FABRIC PROTECTANT IN REGARDS TO IT’S APPLICATION TO LEATHER.  DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU USE, YOU MAY NEED TO AVOID LEATHER ACCENTS OR HANDLES WHEN APPLYING FABRIC PROTECTANT TO YOUR HANDBAG  (I do this by simply holding pieces of paper over that area when you spray from above)*****


Can be conditioned using any type of leather lotion or protectant, but please be aware that such applications to leather typically darken its tone slightly.  Again, read the instructions and warnings on your leather protectant bottle.


This is an aspect of our handbag design that we GUARANTEE. If you ever have a problem with your frame that cannot be cured by these instructions, we will replace it for free. Our frames are constructed with spring open hinges in the two corners directly below where strap attaches. Like any two interactive pieces of metal, these corner hinges may need a drop of oil now and then to maintain smooth and quiet operation.  You can access these frame hinges by opening the bag and looking into the corners where the straps attach, where the interior fabric parts.  The three lines of brass toned metal is the hinge.  Any kind of basic kitchen oil will do.